NOBILE – A wine that is not just wine!

It’s noble heart reveals so much

There is much more to our Nobile than meets the eye. Whether white or red wine, all varieties have a mind of their own. By this, we do not only mean the colored screw caps but the entirely different tastes you can get: gentle and soft, lovely chocolaty, pleasingly bitter or charming nutty.

And our latest: irresistible fruity

Being an aromatized wine-based drink, NOBILE is available in regular (0.75l) and small (0.25l) bottles with 10% abv – either solely for you or as a gift for your loved ones with a sweet tooth.

Rosso Nobile Raspberry & Lemon

The summer season has finally arrived, perfect to introduce our limited summer edition! Rosso Nobile Raspberry & Lemon does not only sparkle up our Nobile range, but its aroma combination of ripe raspberries, zesty lemons and juicy, red grapes, will seduce your senses and makes it the perfect drink to celebrate any occasion.

Ideal as an aperitif or cocktail on ice to complement the warm summer days with chilled drinks.

Summer Edition. For a short time only!

Rosso Nobile® al Cioccolata

With the ROSSO NOBILE® AL CIOCCOLATA, our brand shows its chocolaty side. The exquisite aroma alone will bring your taste buds to the joyful anticipation of the unforgettable gustatory experience which only noble red wine with notes of noble chocolate can give. The notes of fine cacao beans and vanilla emphasize the taste further and will make it rounder and more elegant. This smooth sensation delights not only to chocoholics, but also many other connoisseurs of distinct flavours.

The Rosso Nobile® al Cioccolata is a pure pleasure, both drank on its own and complemented to your dessert as a wine treat – with or without chocolate!

Customer Testimonials

„It is always a pleasure to drink this wine. The delivery was super-fast, the bottles were really well secured in the package and of course, the wine tastes delicious.“

„I got to know this wine through my friends and immediately ordered for myself – something completely different than just wine – Fantastic.“

„To drink this Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata often, for an occasional wine drinker such as myself, is a pure pleasure.“

Rosso Nobile® Cherry

Our latest addition, the ROSSO NOBILE ® Cherry combines the fruity flavor of red grapes with notes of dark morello cherries. If you like it fruity look no further – twice the seduction: wine and cherry aromas – an irresistible combination! Enjoy our newest creation during warm summer nights or cozy winter times as a special wine treat.Share this fruity excitement with others or savour it all on your own.

ROSSO NOBILE® Cherry goes well with fresh desserts, dark chocolate, just pure or on ice.

Customer Testimony

“Chocolate, vanilla, espresso, nougat and now cherry – we are very delighted. A light cherry note, not too acidic, pleaseantly mild and very enjoyable at a well-chilled tempertaure. Not just a wine for women 🙂 Great value for your money and also a great gift for a special someone. Demand is definitly increasing.

Simply delicious, I am not a wine drinker, but enjoy a glass from time to time.”

“Received it yesterday and has become my favourite flavour, I reordered already.”

“A red wine for fruit lovers! As always fast delivery and well packaged (!) – will buy again.”

Bianco Nobile® alla Vaniglia

Our “white” sensation is a fruity and softer version of Nobile-delight.  BIANCO NOBILE® ALLA VANIGLIA is romatized by velvety vanilla and a touch of fresh mango.  Enjoy this perfect companion at any time of the year with friends and loved ones.

Bianco is made from light, fruity grapes and is a true all-rounder since it can be simply drunk on its own or also served with ice as a summer drink. Unquestionably, Bianco Nobile® alla Vaniglia doesn’t disappoint you as it is an ideal companion for desserts and (white) chocolate. It is also excellently well suited with cheese.

Customer Testimonials

“I ordered this wine for Christmas and there will certainly be another order. Delicious!!!“

“The wine is very nice and easy to drink. I have stocked up on this wine to have enough and I will definitely be ordering it again. Recommending it to everyone!“

“This product is the best! I could not find this wine in the shops in my area, thus, ordered from Amazon.“

Rosso Nobile all’Espresso

The ROSSO NOBILE ALL’ ESPRESSO is anything but a cold coffee (as in the famous saying, cold coffee is supposed to make you more beautiful, but our customers simply do not need it!).

The dark version of our Nobile range is a charming composition of ripe dark fruits and expressive coffee aromas. However it’s is not the coffee beans for which this wine is so much appreciated! You will be enchanted by the intense and fresh scent of the ROSSO NOBILE ALL’ ESPRESSO. The aftertaste of this wine will leave you with refreshing tartness in the back of your mouth. Share this aromatic excitement with others or savour it all on your own.

The mysterious interaction of ROSSO NOBILE ALL’ ESPRESSO’s full-bodied aromas delights your senses not only per se but also along with sweet desserts or cheese, making this dark variety a real winner.

Customer Testimony

“Very nice taste for those who like sweet red wine, like me. <Supherb price – quality correlation with quick delivery.“

“We have already tried two other tastes, Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata and Vaniglia, and we love them. And now one more with Espresso – super yummy. A hint of chocolate and espresso, sweet, but some tartness. Properly chilled, it is very, very tasty. One should simply try it”

“I am not a red wine type, but this is my favourite wine. It’s quite sweet but the coffee notes make it distinctive”.

“Simply superb Taste, I enjoy every glass. Also a super gift. “

“Although I ordered this wine spontaneously and did not know the taste, I am very excited. It tastes intensely of espresso, but also of red wine, one really successful combination”.

Rosso Nobile  Nougat

ROSSO NOBILE NOUGAT, further extends and diversifies the Nobile range!  The savoury aroma of nougat prepares your palate for the pleasure to come. The fruity nuances of red grapes perfectly harmonize with the notes of fine hazelnuts and thus will be a real treat not only for lovers of woody, tannic tastes but also for many others!

Are you allergic to hazelnuts? No worries we got you covered! You can enjoy this drink without any trouble because we do not want to exclude anybody from this noble treat. So, go ahead and try our Rosso Nobile Nougat or surprise your friends with something new.

Whether as a pure joy on its own in a glass or as a complement for fruity or creamy desserts – the Rosso Nobile Nougat satisfies with its charming sweetness and nutty flavour.

Customer Testimony

”A very nice bottle, also suitable as a gift. I love the nutty taste – even better well chilled.”

”I love these wines! I tried the white one with vanilla and the red one with chocolate and now the one with nougat. I love them all. But this one with the light nutty flavour is my favorite! Thanks to the screw cap it is easliy opened. The wine has a nice dark red colour, the smell is fantatsic – one should really try it!”

“It has become my favourite one. Nothing else can be said about. I order it again and again.”

”Super fast delivery and safe packaging. Fingers crossed to the producer! The wine is really tasty. Can recommend it, special to those who are into sweeter wines! Looking forward to trying it again!”

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